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BMF Swimbaits

With a perfect blend of size and action, the 3.8" BMF Swimbait is a perfect option for Bass, Walleye, and Pike. Paired with a weighted hook, jig head, or as a trailer for a Spinner/Chatter bait, the tight, lifelike wobble mimics baitfish perfectly. Whether you are fishing quickly or stopping and popping, the BMF Swimbait excels at covering water and enticing strikes. The Swimbait has a place in your tackle box for every open water season.

Popular Rigging Options: Ball head Jig, Underspin Jig, Jig Trailer


                    Pack Quantity: 8 or 30 Count

* Hardener is added to all of our Swimbaits for added Durability. If you would not like Hardener included, please note during checkout

* All numbers/color patterns are the same across all product lines( Stickbaits, Finesse Worms, Craws, Grubs, NEDS, Swimbaits)

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