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The Stickbait bass love just got better with BMF's custom color combinations. With over 30+ colors, there is a BMF Stickbait for any type of water you fish.  Poured with sinking plastic blended with a sinking additive, our Stickbait provides a lifelike action and tantalizing fall rate while remaining extremely durable, and has cemented it’s place in tackle boxes across the nation. From shallow weeds to pitching docks, the Stickbait is a must for bass fishing.

Popular Rigging Options: Wacky Rig, Neko Rig, Texas Rig

 Pack Quantity: 8 or 30 Count

​* To achieve effective, industry fall rate, a high quality sinking additive is added to most of our Signature Stickbaits (excludes clear colors)

* All numbers/color patterns are the same across product lines

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